An Exhibit of Colorado Paintings

July 1 through 31
North Boulder Recreation Center, 3170 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

Colorado Journal

My first introduction to Colorado was on a dark and snowy night. In a rental sedan, we drove across Berthoud Pass and heard, later that night, the pass had been closed because of avalanche danger. But we “East-coasters” were clueless when faced with the crazy Colorado weather. Of course, the next morning, we woke to beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Everything was covered with snow, the landscape glowed and sparkled, and I fell in love with Colorado. That was 1993.

After that first trip, we came back again and again and finally moved our family to Boulder eleven years ago. Because of my love for the mountain landscapes, I have spent the years living here studying and painting Colorado scenes. My paintings are based on many plein air studies which are reworked in my studio. Every year I find new parts of the state to explore and paint.

The paintings shown here are part of a series of work I call Colorado Journal that will eventually be published as a book. They are only the beginning of many more works that I am planning to create which show my appreciation for my new home and its people.

Elk Cow with Calf - Colored pencil on prepared paper.

Elk Cow with Calf – Colored pencil on prepared paper.

Hanging Lake watercolor sketch

Hanging Lake watercolor sketch

The Creative Process

Unfortunately paintings just don’t happen. They take many hours of planning. Shown here are two of my many sketches. To learn how to draw and paint people, I have spent many years drawing live models. To understand animal anatomy, I have sketched the mounted animals in the Denver Science and Nature Museum. To design my large paintings, I work up small sketches using charcoal, ink washes, and watercolors.