Route 287 is a pen and ink with watercolor


During my career as an artist, I have worked as a graphic designer mainly working for non-profits and designing books for publication. My clients included the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution. As a fine artist, I have published several artists’ books using experimental offset techniques.

My most recent publication, Painting Colorado: A Watercolor Journal, was created digitally and output using print on demand technology.

Table of Contents
The Creative Process
Then & Now
Nature in Colorado
National Parks & Wilderness
Cultural Landscape

To view pages from the book, please select one of the images below. To order copies of the book, please Contact the artist.


  • Arachne/Amaranth
  • 23 Eggs
  • Passages: Understood and Agreed

These three books were limited editions and were printed using an experimental offset technique. Although almost out-of-print, there are still copies available from the artist. To view pages from the books, select one of the images below. Please Contact Joan if you are interested in purchasing one of these books.